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Too often we hold ourselves back from doing the things we love, like dancing how we want to or dressing the way we feel represents our true selves. Too often we don’t try new things because we're afraid “we’ll be bad at it” or we think we’re, "not that kind of person." We daydream about doing things for fun but instead find ourselves not doing them for fear of what other people will think about us or the end result.

VROOM VROOM is about beating those thoughts to the punch. Before spending time thinking about what other people will think of you or all the ways you might fail at something, go ahead and try it, do it, enjoy it. Go Fast. Have Fun.

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We are starting a movement that embodies the VROOM VROOM mindset with fashion as our medium of expression. How we dress influences how we think of ourselves and what we are able to accomplish. Fashion gives us the confidence to express our personalities and emotions and to show the world who we are. Our collections mix businesswear, streetwear, and racewear, and embody the message of Vroom Vroom. Our merch allows anyone and everyone to join the movement and remind themselves to go fast and have fun.


"In college, I had a pair of old jeans that I had been wanting to put rips in to give them new life for the summer. Afraid to try it because I didn’t want to ‘mess up’ or make them look ‘bad,’ I kept them for years just sitting in the back of my closet. These negative thoughts progressed internally from not only that I couldn’t rip my jeans, but that I wasn’t cool enough to wear ripped jeans in the first place.
Then I met Lili [VROOM VROOM Co-Founder] and decided that with her fashion design expertise, I would finally be able to rip the damn jeans (which I saw more as a testament of my failure at this point). When we sat down in the backyard to make them, she encouraged me to cut the jeans myself. By the end, I was ripping holes, adding in grommets, and burning the fringes. I was finding creativity in myself that I didn’t even know existed, and even more, I was having so much fun, just enjoying the process, the freedom, and not worrying about trying to create the perfect result.


It was after this moment that I realized I wanted to help more people shift their mentalities to focus on playing and having fun for themselves in the things they do instead of always trying to produce something to be judged by society. Fashion was the obvious vehicle for conveying this due to its dichotomy of existing both for personal expression and societal consumption, and it’s why Lili and I partnered together to make VROOM VROOM as it exists today."


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